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Sunday, April 21, 2019

Milan Between Historical and Contemporary Architecture

From 14th to 27th of July 2019.

This summer school discusses the current debates on historical and contemporary architecture. It reviews the historical and contemporary architecture of the city of Milan. It discusses the objectives, challenges, constraints and principles restoration and conservation. It explores the changing inner city and technologies used in some buildings, also exploring the sustainability concepts in restoration projects with detailed drawings.  

The summer school analyzes best practices of historical and contemporary architecture projects to draw lessons and ıdentify the theoretical and methodological challenges which face historical and contemporary architecture. 

The Summer School is a fruitful cooperation between the University of Politechnico Di Milan and Knowledge Transfer Network for International Scholars – KTNIS.

The Summer School deals with the historical and contemporary architecture and the notions of Restoration and Conservation. Exploring the different aspects of architectural development, social, economic, cultural and policies. Introducing different conservation and restoration projects in Milan. 
This summer school discusses the current debates on historical and contemporary architecture in Italy with more details given restoration and conservation projects in Milan. It reviews the evolution of the concepts and defines new materials and technologies used in building historical and contemporary architecture. It discusses the objectives, challenges, constraints and principles for restoration and conservation projects.

  • Issuing a Certificate of Participation with partner university logos and approval, for each applicant, certified from KTNIS.
  • Exploring materials and technologies used in conservation and restoration projects in Italy.
  • Dealing with experts and professionals in a foreign country.
  • International environment dealing with colleagues in same situations.
  • Making your own international network of contacts which work as a knowledge network.
  • Opportunities to develop even you academic or professional career with doing postgraduate studies abroad.
  Lecturers and Tour Guides
  Main Topics
  • Discuss the current debates on restoration and conservation concepts.
  • Exploring the historical and contemporary architecture of Milan.
  • Reviews the evolution of the materials and technologies used.
  • Historical overview of the development of Milan.
  Who can Apply
To be eligible to apply for this Summer School.
  • International applicants with architecture, urban design, urban planning, urban studies, physical planning, arts, applied arts, landscape architecture, gardening, social sciences, and geography backgrounds are eligible to apply.
  • Have sufficient knowledge of the language of instruction (English language), as we may ask you to submit a proof of language proficiency or to make a phone call interview with the applicant.
  • Respect the specific criteria and applicable additions for application process.
  How to Apply
Gladly, follow the applying procedures by:

1.    Prepare a clear scanned copy of your valid passport
With at least 10 months validity in advance, and use friendly file format such as, JPEG, PDF, TIFF, etc. with maximum size of 2 Megabytes) 

2.    Prepare your CV using the CV Template as a guide to fill in your personal information. 
Use friendly file format such as, JPEG, PDF, etc. with maximum size of 2 Megabytes)

3.     Fill in the ONLINE APPLICATION FORM by clicking on the APPLY NOW button. 

4.     After reviewing your application and attached documents you will receive an email from KTNIS to inform you whether you have been accepted to join the program or not. If you did not hear from us within 1 week, please contact us on ktneurope@gmail.com.

5.     After receiving your acceptance letter from us, proceed with the registration fees payments, please refer to the course fees section.

The fees will be paid after the applicants receive their acceptance letter from the KTNIS.
  • Early fees payment (2 weeks or more before the call deadline will pay 90 % fees).
  • Standard fees payment (within 1 week of the call deadline will pay 100 % fees).
  • Late fees payment (till 2 weeks after the call deadline will pay 110 % fees).
Please refer to the following bank accounts related to your way of payment.

For paying in European Euros please use:

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 144044327002

Unfortunately, it is not possible to pay in Egyptian Pounds in the moment due to currency rates changings.

  • After payment we will contact you to proceed together with the visa procedure to the responsible embassy in Cairo. Please Visit the Visa process section above.
  • We will contact you to manage the flight tickets booking and confirm the visa appointment, by which you will have to be there with all needed documents.
- Please refer to the attached document to take a look on the Summer School program
- Detailed program will be distributed in the first day of the summer course
- All lectures are given by the academic staff of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and Eotvos Lorand University.
- In case that KTNIS canceled any event in the announced program, there will be a reasonable repayment.
- Announced dates can be changed (plus or minus 2 days) according to flight tickets reservation, as we try always to find the cheapest offer for flights to our applicants. 
In Milan in double and triple rooms with private bathroom

To be determined soon.

  Summer School Fees
The total cost of the course is 1150 Euros, Including the following,
  • Transportation and Transfer inside Milan.  
  • Airport Transfer.
  • Accommodation (without meals) in Budapest.
  • University tools and facilities.
While the fees do not include,
  • Visa costs (Around 100 Euros)
  • Flight tickets
  • Any meals
  • Pocket money for Living Costs in Hungary (around 300 Euros)
Furthermore, the applicants have to bring all the needed documents, such as passports, bank statements, proof of registration, and any further documents as needed by the embassy of Italy in Cairo.
The application deadline is on Thursday 2nd of May, 2019.
  Contact person
Muhammad Eldaidamony
Mobile: +201025363673, +36702958974
  Terms and conditions
Please check also the attached file for further details about our terms and conditions. Gladly, applicants must submit a signed Terms and Conditions Form
  • The registration fees must be paid within 2 weeks from the call deadline.
  • Supervisors are more than welcome to accompany 10 applicants or more from the same institution (for more details please contact us).
  • Please notice that we will endeavor to assist you in obtaining the visa from the responsible embassy, by sending an acceptance letter, but the responsibility is yours and the decision rests solely with the appropriate Embassy.
  • Applicants, who are under 21 years old, must submit parents’ acknowledgment form.
  • In case that KTNIS canceled any event in the announced program, there will be a reasonable repayment.
  • Applicants must attend 75 % from the event in order to receive a certificate of participation.
  • Applicants must not leave the event’s city 1 day in advance before the date of departure.
Gladly, KTNIS gives offers for the applicants who are participating in any events according to the following:
  1. Applicants from academic staff will get 10 % fees discount.
  2. Applicants who participate for the second time will get 20 % fees discount.
  3. Applicants who participate for the third time will get 30 % fees discount.
  Cancellations and refund
Applicants who would like to cancel their participation in any of the KTNIS events will be as following:
  • Early cancellation (before the call deadline will get 100 % fees back).
  • Standard cancellation (till 2 weeks of the call deadline will receive a refund of minus 20 % ).
  • Late cancellation (More than 2 weeks after the call deadline there will be no fees refund).


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