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About Us

About Ktnis
The Knowledge Transfer Network for International Scholars (Ktnis) is a platform for exchanging knowledge between architects, urbanists and planners all over the world. Ktnis is a mediator which facilitates the cooperation between different partners in order to face future challenges with knowledge and science. Partners from different universities in Egypt and Hungary are more than welcomed to participate in the platform with different ideas.

For instance, Ktnis has a signed agreements from one side, between the Eötvös Loránd University Urban Research Group and each of the Department of Landscape Architecture, Ain Shams University, the Higher Technological Institute (HTI), and the Canadian International College, soon Future University in Egypt. The Ktnis is the financial manager and the coordinator of the Summer Training Course in Hungary (STC) which is held annually every summer from the middle of June till the end of August each year.

Our Perception

Ktnis perception and vision is to:
“Produce a well qualified graduates from architecture, urban planning and landscape departments in Egypt, who can integrate easily within the labor market mastering different techniques to be the leaders of the change to establish better urban environment for future generations”

Our Purpose

Ktnis aims to:
  • Transfer the knowledge from the developed countries to developing countries.
  • Facilitate the complicated procedures of training in foreign countries, especially European countries.
  • Improve the graduates level of education in Egypt.
  • Increase the awareness of Egyptian graduates to upcoming architecture and urban topics
  • Providing fair opportunities for our applicants in the labor market
  • Exploring and discovering new cultures by travelling abroad
Ktnis trying to accomplish its purpose by bringing together different Egyptian and European partners to arrange quality selected course, workshops, and summer schools over the year.

Our Location
Ktnis is an online service which is located online and does not have any other branches or locations, till the meantime, while we will inform you with further location as soon as possible.

Terms and conditions

Please check also the attached file for further details about our terms and conditions Gladly, applicants must submit a signed terms and conditions form

  • The registration fees must be paid within 2 weeks from the call deadline.
  • Supervisors are more than welcome to accompany 10 applicants or more from the same institution (for more details please contact us)
  • Please notice that we will endeavor to assist you in obtaining the visa from the responsible embassy, by sending an acceptance letter, but the responsibility is yours and the decision rests solely with the appropriate Embassy.
  • Applicants, who are under 21 years old, must submit parents’ acknowledgment form.
  • In case that Ktnis canceled any event in the announced program, there will be a reasonable repayment.
  • Applicants must attend 75 % from the event in order to receive a certificate of participation.
  • Applicants must not leave the event’s city 1 day in advance before the date of departure.


Gladly, Ktnis gives offers for the applicants who are participating in any events according to the following:
  • Applicants  from academic staff will get 10 % fees discount
  • Applicants who participate for the second time will get 25 % fees discount
  • Applicants who participate for the third time will get 50 % fees discount

Cancellations and refund

Applicants who would like to cancel their participation in any of the Ktnis events will be as following:
  •      Cancellation done by KTNIS, the applicant will get 100 % fees refund    
  •      Early cancellation (before the call deadline will get 100 % fees back)
  •      Standard cancellation (till 2 weeks of the call deadline will receive a refund of minus 20 % )
  •      Late cancellation (after 2 weeks of the call deadline there will be no fees refund)
  •      Cancellation due to VISA REFUSAL, the applicant will get from 80 - 90 % fees refund

Registration fees
  • Registration fees will be paid after the applicants receive their acceptance letter from the Ktnis.
  • Early fees payment (before the call deadline will pay 90 % fees)
  • Standard fees payment (till 2 weeks of the call deadline will pay 100 % fees)
  • Late fees payment (from 2 weeks till the starting date of the event will pay 110 % fees)